I moved from the big city of New York to the sticks of Pennsylvania in scenic Kutztown, where yellow taxis became horse and buggies, and skyscrapers turned into mountains. There I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communication Design from Kutztown University. Although I concentrated in advertising and web design, I also have a passion for concept creation, motion graphics and UX design.

When I'm not behind a computer screen, I like to get out and play different sports. I have always enjoyed being part of a team, which is one of the aspects of a design position that attracted me to this field. Working on a team can also nurture my competitive side, which allows me to set myself apart from the team, and be my best to help create something new and unique. In fact, being unique started from birth. I was born on a Leap Year which, if you didn't know, only appears on the calendar every 4 years. I may be a 1/4 of my age, but that just means I will always be young at heart and creative in mind.